people and ideas

IT’S THE GLUE is built on the power of connecting the right dots. In our projects, we immerse our clients in a diverse community of thinkers, makers, entrepreneurs, designers, problem solvers, and disruptors to create the new. We believe that by connecting people together through shared experiences, we can tackle any challenge.

Human at heart

Any organisation seeking to leave a mark in the 21st century requires more than KPIs: 1. a deep understanding of human needs. 2. The capacity to cater for those needs. That is why the respect for all human-beings lies at the core of our identity. We approach every relationship with humility, empathy and curiosity.

Pioneers at work

IT’S THE GLUE operates off the beaten path and aspires to discover the new. We challenge you and ourselves to get the ball rolling. If something doesn't exist yet, we roll up our sleeves and build it ourselves.

Mindset over methods

We are experienced thinkers and creators who look at the world with an open mind and a fresh perspective. We tap into our extensive, growing tools and methods repository or develop new ones. Through this, we create approaches that are customized to your organization's individual needs.

Action speaks louder than words

We are doers. Many great ideas exist but IT'S THE GLUE is committed to bringing them to life. We'll not only help you to come up with new ideas, but turn them into action with a lasting impact.

The bigger picture

IT’S THE GLUE always keeps an eye on the big picture. We offer a holistic research-driven approach that allows you to reframe your thinking and question your current mode of operation. Through this process, you'll gain an understanding of the underlying systemic challenges, dependencies, and possibilities.

Crossing boundaries

IT’S THE GLUE is bold enough to cross boundaries in thinking, disciplines, industries, and categories. As a result, you will be able to break out of your routine, your discipline and think outside of your industry, too. We have a proven track record of succesful collaborations with a wide range of organizations and industries - from cities to corporates. From optometrists to regional business development. From culture to commerce.